About Me

I believe in "growing through life". I grow when I see something new, when my heart gets pleasure; I grow when I bring smile to someone's face. I grow when I read something. I grow when I smell something different. I grow when I learn somehting new. This growing up is a never ending process & when this process will stop, I shall understand I have lived my life. My life is a journey & I'll keep the promise of finding my own way through my life.

I love to read. I learn everytime I read an old novel agian & again. I keep on searching books of different writers on Bengali literature. So Internet-surfing is one of my way to find joy of study. In  my blog "Boi-er poka" I am sharing my joy of reading & collecting books.

I love to eat. I am a foodie. I love to taste everything. I love to explore different tastes.
From my school days, I used to cook. Not because I loved cooking, but mostly because in our 3-member-family, my father had a shifting job & my mother used to go out of town because of her school. But during that time, my father was the one, because of whome I always wanted to cook something new. He used to give me grades depending on the taste or quality. From that time I used to get attracted to anything which could give me some fresh idea for my recipes. Now, I find joy while cooking. I forget my sorrows, I forget my worries, I forget my temper, when I start to cook. Cooking is my love, my passion. In my blog "From My Kitchen" I am sharing my joy & experience with foods.
I love to work on traditional as well new recipes and the ones that I like and turn out well, I will be posting here. Hope you enjoy them!

I know my photo quality is not good (heard from one of my friend), so I am sorry. I have been taking them pretty exclusively on my Nokia. I'll try to improve the photos, but till then... my apologies. :)


  1. To improve photo quality, can I gift one digital camera, if you don't mind ! As a friend ")

  2. Oh sure,But I accept only branded things (hee heee heeeeeee) & but gifts are more precious when given hand to hand :)

  3. I will give a branded one.... Let me know, if you like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon... You like compact or may be little big with extra xoom...However, its a little difficult to give hand to hand ...as in this busy world ... its difficult. But I can try once I will be in India, but not sure when I will come to India !

    1. When we'll meet, I'll let you know about the brand.
      Thanks :)

  4. hi nandita,

    i am mother of 6 yrs old child .but i find ur receipe boring becoz all ur receipes are veggy .but u see i am not the veggy person ..........so do put up some non veg item please.



    1. Hi Somdatta

      At first thank you for visiting my blog. But I do not agree to your "veg"-comment; there many non-veg recipes in my blog. If you check properly you'll be able to find a lot :)

      During working days it is not possible for me to make Non-veg dishes, I do not have that much time. On weekends I try to prepare Non-veg sometimes. But I like the veg foods more & they are healthy (even for a kid!). Most importantly, I am not cooking to make my blog popular, I am blogging to keep a record of the recipes (new or traditional) which I try in my Kitchen :)

      Hope you keep checking my blog & send me feedback to encourage me to post more often.


      P.S. You may check my facebook page "Foods From my Kitchen (https://www.facebook.com/FoodsFromMyKitchen)" for new recipes as I am not posting regularly here.

  5. Hey Monika,
    I am writing to you on behalf of South Indies, the pure vegetarian restaurant initiative of Billionsmiles Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
    We would like to invite you for food and restaurant review so can you please share your email id and contact details so that we can take this forward or you can mail me on pallavik.praxis@gmail.com.
    Awaiting for your reply.